Hi there, I'm Alicia!

I graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in digital design and over the past few years, have designed desktop and mobile interfaces, responsive websites and branding materials for professional and personal projects. I met all design needs as a UI/UX designer for an early-stage startup called Mapper.ai, conceptualized a gut-health app called Eliminate, designed a service called GiftHunt for the contactless gifting experience and tackled some freelance projects along the way.

Coming from a multidisciplinary background, I am able to see that Product and UX is the right place for me. I love that with this field of design, I get to fully exercise both my right and my left brain. I enjoy learning and making sense of information through research and synthesis, but I also find lots of joy within beauty, simplicity and visual expression.

At heart, I am a listener and a learner. I like creating space for others and am always invested in growing. Outside of work, I am focused on my mental health, traveling, reading sci-fi, or staring at other people’s dogs 👇.

Some dogs I found around town: